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Karate 1 – Youth League, Umag (Croatia) 2019

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WKF President receives Japan´s order of the rising sun

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WKF President Antonio Espinós received the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star in Tokyo. The awarding ceremony took place Monday, November 26th at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Tokyo. Mr Espinós was recognised for his contribution to the progress and universality of Karate, a sport with strong connections with the Japanese culture and traditions. Read more…

Results Karate1 Youth League – Cancun-Quitana Roo 2018

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List of karatekas for Buenos Aires 2018 confirmed

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The final list of karatekas to participate in the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 has been finally confirmed. With the Karate competition at Buenos Aires 2018 being held in exactly one month, the Karate world gets to know the young participants that will be making history for the sport in the anticipated event. WKF Read more…

Referee requirements for officiating at the World Championships 2018

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In order to be able to attend and officiate at the World Championships 2019, all WKF officials have to attend and officiate the following:

Two (2) Premier Leagues
One (1) Series-A
One (1) Youth League
In three (3) Continents

For the Championships in Madrid this year, those who participate in the Referee Course and pass examination will be able to officiate in the World Championships as confirmation event. Those who do not pass will only be authorized to do so in the case they show the necessary 2PL + 1SA in 3 continents in 2018.

For those officials going to Madrid for the license renewal (written examination), they will be able to do the renewal, but will only be able to officiate the Championships if they have participated in 2PL + 1SA in 3 continents during 2018; the same for 2019.

Officials that want to do the license renewal in 2020, have to officiate in the 2019 World Championships (not applicable when it is the confirmation event after passing the referee course examination). For 2021 and onwards in order to be able to do the license renewal, Officials have to participate in at least 1 World Championships after the last license renewal.

We are confident that these measures will allow us to keep the top quality required from all of us and as an Olympic sport we have the vocation to stay in the Olympic Games beyond Tokyo.

On the Record: Karate Seizes Olympic Opportunity

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World Karate President Antonio Espinos says his sport is determined to make the most of its Olympic debut.

The sport is one of five selected by Tokyo 2020 in addition to the 28 core sports on the program. The martial art was born on the Japanese island of Okinawa more than a century ago before spreading worldwide.

But before the 2020 Olympics, the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires this October will provide the first taste of the Olympics for karate. A total of 48 athletes, split equally by gender, will head to Argentina for the YOG.

World Karate President Antonio Espinos has led the federation since 1998. He began practicing the sport in his youth, moving on to the leadership of the Spanish federation and the European Karate Federation.

Around the Rings Editor Ed Hula spoke to Espinos in Lausanne last month about karate and the Olympics, preparing for the Youth Olympic Games and his hopes for keeping karate on the Olympic program for Paris 2024.

Full interview Around the rings

Results Karate1 Youth League – Umag 2018

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