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After submitting the requested certification and having passed the practical tests carried out by the WKF, the helmet produced and commercialized by the brand Daedo has obtained the WKF Approved certificate.   

This is the first helmet with WKF Approved certificate, and other brands with homologated protections are in process to obtain it. For more information, please visit the following link

As it was previously communicated and published in the Article 2.2.8 of the WKF Kumite competitions rules

“For Competitors <14 years of age the use of WKF Approved Faces mask or protective Helmet and Chest Protector is compulsory. For the same age group, starting 1.1.2024, the protective WKF Helmet will be compulsory from 1.1.2024, providing a transition period of all of 2023 where either protection (WKF Approved Face mask or WKF Helmet) can be used.”
Through the present communication, we would like to inform you about some important facts ahead of our EKF Senior Championships to be held in Gaziantep, Turkey, in the month of May. 

1. Participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus
Following the decision of the WKF Executive Committee taken yesterday, 9th March, the athletes and officials from Russia and Belarus are provisionally suspended from all WKF events until further notice. Accordingly, participation at the EKF Senior Championships is currently not open for them. 

2. Refugees
In alignment with the possibility given in the last years to Refugee athletes to participate under WKF flag in the World Senior Championships, as well their participation at the Tokyo Olympic Games, the EKF Executive Committee has decided to also allow the participation of Refugee athletes in EKF Championships, under the following conditions:
. 1 (one) Refugee athlete per individual category (in case of more than 1 request for the same category, the EKF will determine – based on sports curriculum and other relevant information – who will be granted with the place)
. the EKF NF member hosting the Refugee athlete(s) needs to commit to cover any and all expenses derived from the participation of this (these) athlete(s), including his coach
. Athlete should be 18 years or more (thus allowing him to compete in Seniors and/or U21 competition)
. Evidence of granted official international Refugee status
. Athlete’s sports curriculum

Based on the information received, the request will be approved / rejected. 

Kata teamsFollowing the latest updates of the WKF Rules and Ranking Commission, it is now allowed for Kata teams to have one (1) reserve athlete. For more information, kindly check Art. 3 of the WKF Competition Rules.
Dear National Federations, As you are aware, all updated rules and documents can be found on the WKF website, including the latest WKF Competition Rules

With regard to the upcoming registration of events with Team Kata competition, we would hereby like to draw your attention on the possibility of adding one (additional) reserve athlete to your Kata teams (see Art. 3.1 of the Kata competition rules). 

We trust the above measure will be welcomed by all of you, and wish you best of luck in our forthcoming Karate activities.
Through the present communication, for acknowledgement of all WKF Referees and National Federations, we would like to remind you of some important rules and guidelines that are of application to all WKF Referees of which you have been already informed earlier.

1. Resolution on WKF Statutes (April 2018). Individual NF members [such as Referees] are forbidden to participate in open karate events which do not comply with the WKF sporting standards, in particular anti-doping and safety rules and standards, as well as with the WADA Code and standards.                                   
2. WKF Referees are not allowed to participate in international karate events that by their name can be confused with World or Continental Championships by using names containing the word “world” or naming the continent. – This does not apply to single style tournaments provided that these are not names “world” or “continental” championships. 

3. WKF World Championships and Karate 1 (Premier League, Youth League and Series A) events have priority regarding the attendance of WKF Referees. Attendance to other international or private championships on the same dates as any aforementioned WKF event is restricted.
According to the Karate-1 Premier League competition rules , the use of backnumbers is compulsory for all categories and modalities in Karate 1 – Premier League events. 

For the 2022 Karte 1 – Premier League events, all competitors will receive a new backnumber, different to the one used the past years. All competitors must replace the previous backnumber and is required to carry properly sewn on the back of their karategi’s jacket. If the back number is not properly sewn, it can be a reason for disqualification.

Due to the prevention measures for the Covid-19 pandemic the sewing of the back number on the karategis must be done by the competitor himself/herself. 

In case of loss or rupture, you must contact the WKF HQ to request a new one. The contact email for this request is idelfino@wkf.net
Dear National Federations, For your ease of reference you will find enclosed a copy of the competition rules marked up with the issues explained in the Competition Rules Bulletins. We hope this is helpful until such time as the new revision of the rules planned to come into effect 1.1.2023 are issued.
Dear National Federations, For the next Karate 1- Series A event to be held in Pamplona, please, find here the updated bulletin. 

The  changes included are a new Competition Programme and the new location for the Referee Meeting and the Acredited Coach Breafing, now to be held in Tres Reyes hotel, room Navarra. 

Aditionally, please be informed that the Antigen Test for the two first categories competing on Friday January 28th (Female Kata and Male Team Kata), will be taken on Thursday 27th from 19h to 20h at Navarra Arena; and for the two first categories competing on Saturday January 29th (Male Kata and Female Team Kata), will be taken on Friday 28th from 19h to 20h at Navarra Arena.

Dear friend, In the aftermath of the Dubai World Championships, that so brilliantly have concluded a few weeks ago, I want to inform you that we sent a letter to the UAEKF President transmitting him the heartfelt thanks of the WKF for the immense contribution that the UAEKF team, led by Major General Nasser AlRazooqi, and supported by the UAE institutions and sponsors, has supposed for the progress and for the reputation of our sport. 

The Dubai WKF congress, with the key decisions taken, constitutes a milestone in the more than 50 years of history of our Federation and our sport. 

The 2022 season looks still uncertain as regards of the COVID impact. We were confident that the pandemic would be just a bad memory by 2022, but new waves and variants are delaying the end of the problem. 

This, and also questions in relationship with the contractual issues, have led us to decide, in agreement with the Hungarian Karate Federation,  that the 2023 World Senior Championships in Budapest will take place under the traditional format, and therefore we will start only in 2024 with the new format approved by the Dubai Congress. 

About the Olympics, we continue with our quest, and concentrate now in reaching a compelling case for the LA 2028 Games. After the Paris 2024 experience, it has become more than evident that unless we can lobby a good position with the local COJO and the national authorities, little or nothing will be achieved. For this, to count with a leading national USA federation is paramount.  

Many thanks for your support and for your contribution, and for the unity and solidarity you always show and that so important have been and are for the WKF. Without it we would not enjoy the WKF that we have today, and we all can be proud of it, as the result of our work and efforts. 

Best wishes for you and for your families in 2022.
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