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WKF Approved Helmet – DAEDO

After submitting the requested certification and having passed the practical tests carried out by the WKF, the helmet produced and commercialized by the brand Daedo has obtained the WKF Approved certificate.   

This is the first helmet with WKF Approved certificate, and other brands with homologated protections are in process to obtain it. For more information, please visit the following link

As it was previously communicated and published in the Article 2.2.8 of the WKF Kumite competitions rules

“For Competitors <14 years of age the use of WKF Approved Faces mask or protective Helmet and Chest Protector is compulsory. For the same age group, starting 1.1.2024, the protective WKF Helmet will be compulsory from 1.1.2024, providing a transition period of all of 2023 where either protection (WKF Approved Face mask or WKF Helmet) can be used.”

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