Karate1 Youth League – Fujairah 2023 – Bulletin

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UFAK Cadet, Junior & Senior Championships 2022 – Durban – Results

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Live results/Draws




Karate1 Premier League – Cairo 2023 – bulletin

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Nordic Karate Championships 2022 – Results

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WKF Competition Rules – Highlight of changes To 2023

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Live streaming of the 66th All Japan University Karate Do Championships.

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Karate1 Series A – Jakarta 2022 – Results

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2023 EKF Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships Bulletin

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Youth League / Series A Implementations 2023

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The new Karate 1 season will start soon with the new year 2023 and registration for the first Series A event of the year is in fact already ongoing. 

In our efforts for monitoring our events and introducing the necessary amendments, please be advised that the WKF Executive Committee has approved the following:

Inclusion of the U21 categories in the Karate 1 Youth League events 

The aim of this proposal is to broaden opportunities to these age classes, allowing them to participate at the Youth League events would give them more opportunities.

With the inclusion of these categories, most Youth League events will have to start their competition one day earlier (on Thursday), although this will be announced separately for each event. 

The limit for the number of competitors for Kata categories is increased from 96 to 128 athletes in the Youth League and Series A events 

Increasing the limit of participants for Kata categories in the YL and SA events will balance out opportunities for Kata competitors, who have one single category. 

The above measures will be implemented already for all events from 1st January 2023, and as a result, ongoing registration processes for them (Series A Athens) will adapt to these implementations already.

WKF Cadet, Junior and U21 World Championships 2022 – Konya – Results

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Become a volunteer at the European Games 2023

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Karate1 Series A – Athens 2023 bulletin

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Heian Cup 2022 – Results

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Distriktsmästerskap 2022 Mellersta Karatedistriktet – Results

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Polish Open 2022 – Results

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Karate1 Series A – KOÇAELI 2022 results

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Svenska Mästerskapen i Karate 2022

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UFAK Cadet, Junior & Senior Championships 2022 – Durban bulletin

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WKF successfully tests revolutionary innovations in judging of Karate competitions

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10TH Commonwealth karate Championships 2022 Results

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Karate1 Youth League – Venice 2022 bulletin

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We are hereby sending you the updated bulletin and relevant information regarding the Venice Youth League from 9th to 11th December: VENICE 2022 Karate 1 – Youth League BULLETIN

The Female Kumite competition categories will be the ones currently in place as per the WKF Competition Rules:

  • Junior: -48kg, -53kg, -59kg, +59kg
  • Cadet: -47kg, -54kg, +54kg
  • U14: -42kg, -47kg, -52kg, +52kg

Athletes will thus be able to complete the 2022 season in the currently existing categories, before transferring to the new Female Kumite categories valid as of 1st January 2023. Considering this last event as a transitioning one, that will see the heavy weight categories split into two each, exceptionally the limit of athletes will be set at 128 for these categories only, namely: Female Kumite Junior +59kg, Cadet +54kg and U14 +52kg.

Karate1 Premier League – Baku 2022 Results

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PKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships 2022 – Mexico results

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Results karate Islamic Solidarity Games 2022

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Karate1 SeriesA – Jakarta 2022 bulletin

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New european coach certification required for EKF events from 2023

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In line with the other Continental Federations, the EKF EC has approved the Coach Course Programme
detailed in the attached document. 

This program will consist of two annual courses to be held in each of the European Championships
(Senior and Junior). The first course to be held will be the one corresponding to the next EKF Junior,
Cadet & U21 Championships in Cyprus in 2023, where the requirement of having the relevant coach
level will be first implemented for coaches that want to officiate at the said EKF event. 

It will also be possible to homologate WKF coach licenses for the Kata/Kumite levels (not for accredited
level) and, the process of homologating certifications will be already implemented now, allowing to do so
before the start of the 2023 season.

1st All Japan Karatedo Team Kata Championship 2022 results

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European Universities Games – Lodz 2022 – karate – Results

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World Police & Fire Games 2022 – Karate – Results

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Karate Results

The 2024 World Senior Team Championships in Pamplona (Spain)

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WKF Executive Committee paves way for continuous development of Karate

The Executive Committee of the World Karate Federation met Wednesday to take pressing decisions on the ongoing progress of the sport around the world.

The growing relevance of events and the WKF’s intention to continue celebrating engaging, spectacular, and first-class competitions were on top of the agenda of the meeting via videoconference.

The WKF decision-making body agreed to re-allocate the Karate 1-Premier League event that was initially slated to be held in Moscow. The last Karate 1-Premier League event of the season will now be held in Los Angeles (United States) from October 7 to 9, on the same dates as initially scheduled.

Additionally, the WKF Executive Committee reviewed the proposed calendar of events for 2023, with the World Senior Championships in Budapest (Hungary) to be held from October 24 to 29, 2023 as the highlight of the year.

Regarding the upcoming World Championships, the Spanish Karate Federation was awarded the organisation of the 2024 World Senior Team Championships. The first edition of the newly created World Championships for Teams will be held in Pamplona (Spain) after the successful organisation of the Karate 1-Series A event in the Spanish northern city in January this year.

Following the approval of the WKF Congress in Dubai last year, the first stage of development of the WKF Strategic Plan was agreed upon. The WKF Strategic Plan outlines the new configuration of the WKF World Championships for the period 2022-2025 and highlights the growing sporting spirit of the event by splitting the tournament into individual and team competitions.

Moreover, the agenda of the WKF Congress to be held in Konya (Turkey) on the eve of the 2022 World Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships was finalised, with the approved list of candidates for the elections of the Executive Committee and President of the organisation.

WKF President Antonio Espinós said:

“Karate is in continuous progress and the development of our sport has experienced tremendous growth over the last years, mostly due to the increasing impact of our events. With the new WKF Strategic Plan, we ensure that our World Championships grow even more in terms of competitive edge and spectacularity.   

“I am convinced that with the decisions taken today by the Executive Committee, our events will have a greater influence on fans, athletes and sponsors.”

New weight categories for younger female athletes from 2023

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The WKF Rules & Ranking Commission works continuously on the necessary improvements on the rules and regulations, as well as on adequate alternatives to keep our sport developing throughout time. In this context, and based on the participation statistics that have been gathered in the last years at the WKF Youth League events, additionally to the information available from our World Championships for youth categories, the WKF Executive Committee has approved the proposal of the Commission to add new categories for the younger female athletes. Consequently, as of 1st January 2023 the new female categories for youth athletes to be reflected in the new version of the Competition Rules will be as follows: 
– Female U14: -42kg / -47kg / -52kg / +52kg
– Female Cadet: -47kg / -54kg / -61kg / +61kg
– Female Junior: -48kg / -53kg / -59kg / -66kg / +66kg

The World Championships in Konya will remain unaffected by these category changes. Nevertheless, as the introduction of new categories has also implication on some important continental and other level events for younger categories, a short transition period will be granted for the introduction of these categories. Accordingly, events such as the qualification and preparation events at a national level that will be taking place already in 2022 (such as the ones for the European Championships to be held in February 2023) may be held under these new categories already.

We trust that this initiative will be well received as a positive development for the female athletes on the sporting level, moreover also fostering gender balance in competition.

Nordic karate Champioships 2022 – Invitation

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Panorama view from Riga cathedral on old town of Riga, Latvia


Birmingham 2022 World Games Karate Results

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Results Karate1 Youth League – Porec 2022

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Karate 1 Premier League Baku 

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Karate1 – Series A Kocaeli 2022

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Mediterranean games Oran 2022 karate results

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XIX Juegos Bolivarianos 2022

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EKF junior, cadet & U21 Championships 2022 – Prague results

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Qualification system for ANOC World Beach Games announced 2023

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European Games 2023 – Qualification System Karate

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cabecera_newsletter_ekf.jpgThere is one year to go until the next edition of the European Games in Poland (21 June – 2 July 2023), with the LOC working on all preparations for the event. Karate competition is planned to take place on 30 June and 1 July in the city of Krakow.

 In the month of March, all of you were already informed about the details of theEuropean Games Standing that is in place and will be of application for the European Games 2023. In addition to that, the applicable Qualification System is also now released after its approval by the European Olympic Committees:   https://www.wkf.net/imagenes/campeonatos/multisport-eventsestadisticas-european-games-2023-001.pdf 

We will keep you updated with relevant information about this important event, but also invite you to regularly check the dedicated section on the WKF website: https://www.wkf.net/multisports-events-main/216
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Karate1 Series A – Cairo 2022 results

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1st All Japan Karate do Weight Championship 2022

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Results EKF senior championships 2022 – Gaziantep

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Results PKF senior Championships 2022 – Curacao 

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Shoulders in RED and BLUE. Mandatory 2023

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Since 2017, the optional use of karategis with the embroidered brands on the shoulders, in red or blue, has been authorized for Karate – 1 Events (Premier League, Series A and Youth League). 

In 2020, it was approved the mandatory use of them for Karate – 1 Premier League events and optional use for all WKF events, including World Championships. 

During these 6 years, the number of competitors who have chosen to use this type of karategi has significantly increased, making it easier for spectators to identify athletes, as well as greater visibility and showiness of the competition. 

On the other hand, this greater brand exposure on “WKF Approved” karategi increase the possibilities of obtaining sponsors for both NFs and athletes. 

Based on the above mentioned, the WKF Executive Committee approved on October 22, 2021, the mandatory use of “WKF Approved” karategis with embroidered brands on the shoulders, in RED and BLUE, in all WKF official events (World Championships and Karate 1 – Premier League, Series A and Youth League) from January 1, 2023. 

From 1st January 2023 will be mandatory in all the WKF official events the use of “WKF approved” karategis with embroidered brands on the shoulders in RED and BLUE.

Karate 1 Premier League Rabat 2022 results

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2023 WKF official sports activities calendar draft

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Karate1 Youth League – Limassol 2022 results

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