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Fake email address Karate 1 – Premier League Rabat 2023

Dear National Federation, We have been informed by the Moroccan Karate Federation (FRMK), host federation of the Karate 1 – Premier League Rabat 2023 event, of fake emails sent that are requesting payments to a bank account supposedly under the name of “reservations.karate1.rabat”, that are however not coming from the official email published on the bulletin (reservations.karate1.rabat@gmail.com), but instead from a different email address. 

In order to avoid any unpleasant situations, we would hereby encourage you to carefully verify incoming emails and checking that they are in fact coming from the official contacts published, as the responsibility to do so lies with each recipient. 

Therefore, once again, please take note and verify and make sure that the emails received are coming from the correct email address; reservations.karate1.rabat@gmail.com.

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