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WKF Electronic Scoring System / Q1-2023

December 22, 2022 Leave a comment

The WKF has received a communication from the joysticks manufacturer (Electronic Scoring System) that due to the logistics global situation of the supply of electronic components (chips) it will not be possible to meet the established deadlines for production of the joysticks in time for January 1st 2023.
Considering these circumstances, the Karate 1 – Series A Athens 2023 and the Karate 1 – Premier League Cairo 2023 will have to take place with the flag scoring system.
Once the WKF verifies the availability of the joysticks, we will send a communication to all of you, informing about the event in which the electronic scoring system will be implemented. 

WKF Cadet, Junior and U21 World Championships 2022 – Konya – Results

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Karate1 Youth League – Venice 2022 bulletin

September 9, 2022 Leave a comment


We are hereby sending you the updated bulletin and relevant information regarding the Venice Youth League from 9th to 11th December: VENICE 2022 Karate 1 – Youth League BULLETIN

The Female Kumite competition categories will be the ones currently in place as per the WKF Competition Rules:

  • Junior: -48kg, -53kg, -59kg, +59kg
  • Cadet: -47kg, -54kg, +54kg
  • U14: -42kg, -47kg, -52kg, +52kg

Athletes will thus be able to complete the 2022 season in the currently existing categories, before transferring to the new Female Kumite categories valid as of 1st January 2023. Considering this last event as a transitioning one, that will see the heavy weight categories split into two each, exceptionally the limit of athletes will be set at 128 for these categories only, namely: Female Kumite Junior +59kg, Cadet +54kg and U14 +52kg.

Birmingham 2022 World Games Karate Results

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Results Karate1 Youth League – Porec 2022

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Shoulders in RED and BLUE. Mandatory 2023

May 18, 2022 Leave a comment
Since 2017, the optional use of karategis with the embroidered brands on the shoulders, in red or blue, has been authorized for Karate – 1 Events (Premier League, Series A and Youth League). 

In 2020, it was approved the mandatory use of them for Karate – 1 Premier League events and optional use for all WKF events, including World Championships. 

During these 6 years, the number of competitors who have chosen to use this type of karategi has significantly increased, making it easier for spectators to identify athletes, as well as greater visibility and showiness of the competition. 

On the other hand, this greater brand exposure on “WKF Approved” karategi increase the possibilities of obtaining sponsors for both NFs and athletes. 

Based on the above mentioned, the WKF Executive Committee approved on October 22, 2021, the mandatory use of “WKF Approved” karategis with embroidered brands on the shoulders, in RED and BLUE, in all WKF official events (World Championships and Karate 1 – Premier League, Series A and Youth League) from January 1, 2023. 

From 1st January 2023 will be mandatory in all the WKF official events the use of “WKF approved” karategis with embroidered brands on the shoulders in RED and BLUE.

2023 WKF official sports activities calendar draft

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Karate1 Youth League – Limassol 2022 results

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Karate 1 Youth League Porec 2022

April 5, 2022 Leave a comment

Bulletin 12th World Junior, Cadet and U21 Karate Championships, Konya (Turkey) 2022

April 1, 2022 Leave a comment
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