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Fake email address Karate 1 – Premier League Rabat 2023

April 5, 2023 Leave a comment
Dear National Federation, We have been informed by the Moroccan Karate Federation (FRMK), host federation of the Karate 1 – Premier League Rabat 2023 event, of fake emails sent that are requesting payments to a bank account supposedly under the name of “reservations.karate1.rabat”, that are however not coming from the official email published on the bulletin (, but instead from a different email address. 

In order to avoid any unpleasant situations, we would hereby encourage you to carefully verify incoming emails and checking that they are in fact coming from the official contacts published, as the responsibility to do so lies with each recipient. 

Therefore, once again, please take note and verify and make sure that the emails received are coming from the correct email address;


WKF Organizing Rules 2023

March 8, 2023 Leave a comment
In the links below, you can find the Karate 1-Youth League and Karate 1-Series A Organizing Rules for 2023 with the major changes which have already been communicated in previous correspondence.

Major Additions¨
The use of WKF ¨ Approved Karategis” with embroidered brands on the shoulders in RED or BLUE will be compulsory in all the categories of Kata and Kumite, for all official WKF events (World Championship, Karate 1 Premier League, Series A and Youth League).

Youth League
The inclusion of U21 Categories (10 Kumite +2 Kata) 
The inclusion of additional Female U14 (-52kg, +52kg), Cadet (-61kg+61kg), and Junior (-66kg,+66kg) categories. 



WKF Approved Helmet – DAEDO

March 2, 2023 Leave a comment

After submitting the requested certification and having passed the practical tests carried out by the WKF, the helmet produced and commercialized by the brand Daedo has obtained the WKF Approved certificate.   

This is the first helmet with WKF Approved certificate, and other brands with homologated protections are in process to obtain it. For more information, please visit the following link

As it was previously communicated and published in the Article 2.2.8 of the WKF Kumite competitions rules

“For Competitors <14 years of age the use of WKF Approved Faces mask or protective Helmet and Chest Protector is compulsory. For the same age group, starting 1.1.2024, the protective WKF Helmet will be compulsory from 1.1.2024, providing a transition period of all of 2023 where either protection (WKF Approved Face mask or WKF Helmet) can be used.”

The 26th World Senior karate Championships – Budapest 2023

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New Grand Winners 2022 crowned in Cairo

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Karate1 Youth League – A CORUÑA 2023

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WKF Electronic Scoring System / Q1-2023

December 22, 2022 Leave a comment

The WKF has received a communication from the joysticks manufacturer (Electronic Scoring System) that due to the logistics global situation of the supply of electronic components (chips) it will not be possible to meet the established deadlines for production of the joysticks in time for January 1st 2023.
Considering these circumstances, the Karate 1 – Series A Athens 2023 and the Karate 1 – Premier League Cairo 2023 will have to take place with the flag scoring system.
Once the WKF verifies the availability of the joysticks, we will send a communication to all of you, informing about the event in which the electronic scoring system will be implemented. 

WKF Cadet, Junior and U21 World Championships 2022 – Konya – Results

October 26, 2022 Leave a comment

Birmingham 2022 World Games Karate Results

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Results Karate1 Youth League – Porec 2022

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