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32nd International Bosphorus Cup Karate Tournament

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European Karate Championships 2021 to be staged in Gothenburg, Sweden

December 11, 2018 Leave a comment
Team kata, a spectacular category to be seen at the European Championship 2021
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2018 WKF Calendar/Draft

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Karate Kid Cup/Swedish Junior Trophy 2017

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Heian Cup 2017

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Karate Celebrates Memorable Edition of The World Games

August 9, 2017 Leave a comment

Rising karatekas shocked favorites at The World Games. (WKF)

When the last of the winners of the Karate competition at The World Games received their medals and the closing ceremony put an end to the thrilling tournament, all the members of the Karate family participating at the event in Wroclaw (Poland) shared the feeling of having lived a historical moment for the sport.

The World Games 2017 which were held in Wroclaw (Poland) this past week represented the last participation of Karate in the multi-sport event before the Olympic debut of the discipline in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. This last edition of The World Games was considered memorable by the Karate family since many surprises took over the competition and all the categories were full of emotional moments.

“I had been working hard for this competition for a long time,” said Japan’s Kiyou Shimizu. “My intention is to focus on reaching my top level at the Olympic Games, and The World Games are an important stepping stone in this goal. I know I can be even better and I am putting my mind into it,” pointed out the winner of the Female Kata competition who added the crown at The World Games to her impressive tally of two world titles, five golds in Karate 1-Premier League, one continental title and two titles in underage World Championships. Her outstanding performance in Wroclaw was so remarkable that she was selected one of the Athletes of the Day of the event.

“I have learned a lot from The World Games. I hope that this recognition will contribute to further introduce Karate to the world,” said the Japanese Kata queen.

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New signal for SENSHU in Kumite competitions

April 21, 2017 1 comment

The new signal will be implemented from now on in all WKF Kumite Competitions.

• Like before, the Referee will first give the point and then announce SENSHU.
• While announcing SENSHU the Referee will not turn towards Kansa but continues to watch the contestant.
• After SENSHU is announced the Referee will re-start the match accordingly.

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