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WKF new competition kumite/kata rules EFFECTIVE 1.1.2019

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Examination questions – Kata EN | FRA | ESP

Examination questions – Kumite EN | FRA | ESP


WKF Rules Bulletin No. 1


English-Español- Francais


In order to be able to attend and officiate at the World Championships 2019, all WKF officials have to attend and officiate the following:

Two (2) Premier Leagues
One (1) Series-A
One (1) Youth League
In three (3) Continents

For the Championships in Madrid this year, those who participate in the Referee Course and pass examination will be able to officiate in the World Championships as confirmation event. Those who do not pass will only be authorized to do so in the case they show the necessary 2PL + 1SA in 3 continents in 2018.

For those officials going to Madrid for the license renewal (written examination), they will be able to do the renewal, but will only be able to officiate the Championships if they have participated in 2PL + 1SA in 3 continents during 2018; the same for 2019.

Officials that want to do the license renewal in 2020, have to officiate in the 2019 World Championships (not applicable when it is the confirmation event after passing the referee course examination). For 2021 and onwards in order to be able to do the license renewal, Officials have to participate in at least 1 World Championships after the last license renewal.

We are confident that these measures will allow us to keep the top quality required from all of us and as an Olympic sport we have the vocation to stay in the Olympic Games beyond Tokyo.




The following three (3) changes in the Video Review (VR) rules will be effective from the upcoming K1 Premier League in Berlin 2018.

  • If the Coach request VR and two or more Judges show score for the same competitor, the point will be given and the Electronic Card will remain in the scoreboard.
  • If the Coach request VR but in the opinion of the Referee Panel the technique was to hard or uncontrolled and a Cat.1 warning or penalty is given, the Electronic Card will remain in the scoreboard.
  • Should a competitor lose the VR request during the eliminations round, he/she will regain the VR card for the semi-final as well as for any medal bout.


The WKF Competition Rules Commission has suggested that the duration of senior female kumite bouts should be changed to 3 minutes – in other words have the same duration as for the senior male categories.
The final decision on this issue will be taken by the Executive Committee meeting to be held during the 2018 World Championship in Madrid this November. Pending this decision, we have found it reasonable to notify all National Federations by this letter in order that coaches and athletes can be informed in good time about the anticipated change. This would mean a major change for the athletes affected and consequently to have the information well in advance before the 2019 season will be helpful for all involved.


Please notice that the WKF executive Committee has decided to immediately implement the following change in the Kumite Competition Rules:

When a  scoring technique is causing win by a lead of 8 points or more, the score should be awarded in full. 

For example: If an athlete has a 7-0 lead and then scores an Ippon, then the result is to be recorded as 10-0.

Is applicable for both team and individual bouts (round robin is consist of individual bouts), at all competitions where the official WKF rules are used.


Regarding the use of karate-gis currently authorized in the Karate 1 –Premier League events, which include the brand’s name embroidered on the karate-gi shoulders (in red or blue color), please be informed that these karate-gis can also be used in all events of the Karate 1:

– Premier League events
– Series A events
– Youth League events

This doesn’t apply for National, Regional, Continental or World Championships.

The authorized suppliers to commercialize these karate-gi models, are the currently TEN brands with sport protections WKF Approved:

WKF Video Review Rules (Version 15th June 2017).

New signal for SENSHU in Kumite competitions





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