Results EKF senior Championships 2023 – Guadalajara

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WKF Anti-Doping Game Zone – EKF European Championships i Guadalajara 2023

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Dear National Federations,The WKF is collaborating with CELAD (Spanish Anti-Doping Agency) to prepare an Anti-Doping Game Zone for the EKF European Championships in Guadalajara, Spain on 22-23 of March between 11:00 – 18:00. Visit with your athletes & coaches and play games, have fun, and you could win a WKF exclusive ¨ Karate for Life” T-shirt and more. Most importantly, join us in giving our athletes an opportunity to protect their right to fair competition.  

Karate 1 Premier League Rabat 2023

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Karate1 Series A – Konya 2023 results

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El Navarra Arena de Pamplona acogerá el Mundial de Kárate en 2024 | Marca

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El pabellón Navarra Arena de Pamplona acogerá a más de 900 deportistas durante el Campeonato del Mundo de selecciones nacionales de Kárate en noviembre de 2024, en el que participa
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The Navarra Arena in Pamplona will host the Karate World Cup in 2024

The Electronic Scoring System with joysticks

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After an initial trial of the Electronic Scoring System with joysticks at the past K1 – Youth League in Fujairah (UAE) and as a result of the reports of the said event, it is considered that the Electronic Scoring System shall still undergo some adjustments to optimize the system for best results.

Therefore, it has been decided that the Electronic Scoring System will not be used at the upcoming official events. According to the schedules all adjustments shall be ready by the time of the K1 – Youth League in A Coruña (Spain), where the Electronic Scoring System will again be in place for its use.

Taking this into consideration, it is highly recommended for all Referees and Judges to attend the K1 – YL in A Coruña, whenever possible, as it will be a great opportunity to receive detailed briefings on the subject and get well familiarised with the new system. WKF

WKF Organizing Rules 2023

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In the links below, you can find the Karate 1-Youth League and Karate 1-Series A Organizing Rules for 2023 with the major changes which have already been communicated in previous correspondence.

Major Additions¨
The use of WKF ¨ Approved Karategis” with embroidered brands on the shoulders in RED or BLUE will be compulsory in all the categories of Kata and Kumite, for all official WKF events (World Championship, Karate 1 Premier League, Series A and Youth League).

Youth League
The inclusion of U21 Categories (10 Kumite +2 Kata) 
The inclusion of additional Female U14 (-52kg, +52kg), Cadet (-61kg+61kg), and Junior (-66kg,+66kg) categories. 



Resultados Campeonato Centroamericano y del caribe de karate 2023

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WKF Approved Helmet – DAEDO

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After submitting the requested certification and having passed the practical tests carried out by the WKF, the helmet produced and commercialized by the brand Daedo has obtained the WKF Approved certificate.   

This is the first helmet with WKF Approved certificate, and other brands with homologated protections are in process to obtain it. For more information, please visit the following link

As it was previously communicated and published in the Article 2.2.8 of the WKF Kumite competitions rules

“For Competitors <14 years of age the use of WKF Approved Faces mask or protective Helmet and Chest Protector is compulsory. For the same age group, starting 1.1.2024, the protective WKF Helmet will be compulsory from 1.1.2024, providing a transition period of all of 2023 where either protection (WKF Approved Face mask or WKF Helmet) can be used.”

Results Copenhagen Open 2023

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