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Results Swedish Heian Cup 2015

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Swedish Heian Cup 2015

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Results Swedish Heian Cup 2014

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Swedish Heian Cup 2014

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More information Webb side

Results Swedish Heian Cup 2013

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DSC_0948 This year the competition brought together 260 participants from three countries Sweden, Norway and Estonian. Inoue-Ha sweden won six golds five silvers and eight bronzes. Read more…

Swedish Heian Cup 2013

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This year we will also introduce team kata and kumite!
Utvecklingstrupp kumite läger på Söndag 6/10

Resultat Swedish Heian Cup 2012

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Runt 300 barn kadetter junior och U21 gjörde upp i året Heian Cup. Foto Robert Nilsson
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Swedish Heian Cup 2012 Karlstad

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Webb Heian Cup 2012

Heian Cup 6 lördag, träningsläger 7 sondag samma hall som Heian Cup.
Heian Cup 6 saturday, 7 sunday training camp the same hall as Heian Cup.

Resultat Heian Cup 2011

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Lag pokalet, som vann flest guld, silver och brons/Trofeo por equipos, mas oros, plata y bronces los ganador:
1. Mizuchi (NOR)
2. Wakajishi (SWE)
3. Tibble (SWE)
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Heian Cup promotion 2011

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