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Youth League / Series A Implementations 2023

November 9, 2022 Leave a comment Go to comments

The new Karate 1 season will start soon with the new year 2023 and registration for the first Series A event of the year is in fact already ongoing. 

In our efforts for monitoring our events and introducing the necessary amendments, please be advised that the WKF Executive Committee has approved the following:

Inclusion of the U21 categories in the Karate 1 Youth League events 

The aim of this proposal is to broaden opportunities to these age classes, allowing them to participate at the Youth League events would give them more opportunities.

With the inclusion of these categories, most Youth League events will have to start their competition one day earlier (on Thursday), although this will be announced separately for each event. 

The limit for the number of competitors for Kata categories is increased from 96 to 128 athletes in the Youth League and Series A events 

Increasing the limit of participants for Kata categories in the YL and SA events will balance out opportunities for Kata competitors, who have one single category. 

The above measures will be implemented already for all events from 1st January 2023, and as a result, ongoing registration processes for them (Series A Athens) will adapt to these implementations already.
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