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Karate1 Youth League – Venice 2022 bulletin

September 9, 2022 Leave a comment Go to comments


We are hereby sending you the updated bulletin and relevant information regarding the Venice Youth League from 9th to 11th December: VENICE 2022 Karate 1 – Youth League BULLETIN

The Female Kumite competition categories will be the ones currently in place as per the WKF Competition Rules:

  • Junior: -48kg, -53kg, -59kg, +59kg
  • Cadet: -47kg, -54kg, +54kg
  • U14: -42kg, -47kg, -52kg, +52kg

Athletes will thus be able to complete the 2022 season in the currently existing categories, before transferring to the new Female Kumite categories valid as of 1st January 2023. Considering this last event as a transitioning one, that will see the heavy weight categories split into two each, exceptionally the limit of athletes will be set at 128 for these categories only, namely: Female Kumite Junior +59kg, Cadet +54kg and U14 +52kg.

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