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Karate stars thrilled by the defining moments for the sport

It was an anticipated and celebrated moment for thousands of Karate fans. The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee informed after its meeting in Lausanne last week that it will endorse the proposal to add Karate as new sport in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This plan which will now be submitted for approval to the IOC Session in August filled with joy the Karate family, as the biggest stars of the sport voiced the delight of Karate enthusiasts around the world.

“We are almost into the Olympic, so I would like to ask all Karate fans to cheer for Karate to help us get into the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020,” said Karate Star Douglas Brose. The Brazilian World and Pan American champion took social media to express his support for Karate’s Olympic dream and added in his official Facebook page: “We are almost there! I support this, how about you?”

“We are very, very optimistic”

“It is an amazing day for all the athletes of the WKF,” said World and European champion Sara Cardin; “Now we are waiting for the final decision in August and we are very, very optimistic,” declared the Italian star.

In the Press Release of the IOC, the Olympic institution stated that the package of new sports “represents a combination of well-established and emerging sports with significant popularity in Japan and beyond. They include team sports and individual sports; indoor sports and outdoor sports; and ‘urban’ sports with a strong appeal to youth.”

The positive impact that the possible inclusion of Karate in the Olympic programme of Tokyo 2020 would have in young Karatekas was one element pointed out by Karate Star Antonio Diaz. “It is a great decision, and now we are very close to be Olympic sport; I think it will benefit many young athletes who now dream of taking part in Olympic Games,” declared Venezuela’s World and Pan American champion.

The world of Karate is now counting the days to the approval of the IOC Session in August, and for some Karatekas there is only one thing to do. “This is a big step in the way to our dream, and I am sure that our beloved sport will be in the Olympic Games. So, cross your fingers and go for Tokyo 2020,” commented Spain’s Damian Quintero.

“Karate is on the way!”

The unity of the family of Karate around the IOC decision was also constant among Karate fans in the days after the announcement. “I am so happy for my sport, and I think that Karate deserved this long time ago; we have to wait one more step, so to all Karatekas in the world, please support us, support Karate. Karate is on the way!” said French Star Alexandra Recchia.

“For all the Karate athletes, please help share this cause, and get to work because it is time for Karate athletes to prepare for Olympic Gold,” declared Team USA star Thomas Scott. “It has been a great week for Karate! We are so close now,” added the world ranking leader in his official Facebook page.

The announcement has caused special impact in Japan, the country of origin of Karate and where the sport enjoys great popularity. One top Japanese Karateka, World champion Kiyou Shimizu expressed the importance of the decision for the sport in the Asian nation. “Karate is our life and now we have the opportunity to promote our sport more and more; dream, hope and share to live impressive moments in Tokyo 2020,” stated the Japanese star.

The reactions from some of the biggest figures of the sport were the representation of a common and global feeling among the family of Karate. More than five million impressions were registered and nearly two million fans were reached by Karate Stars’ words of hope and optimism posted on WKF Facebook page, thus illustrating Karate’s wishes to live the Olympic dream.

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