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Results Nordic Championships 2016

Kumite female +68
1. Kuusisto Helena (Karate Team Finland)
2. Högling Josefin (Sweden National Team)
3. Andersen Lotte (Norway National Team)
3. Abild Sofie (National Team Denmark)

3Kata male senior
1. Rohde Christopher Skotte (NationalTeam Denmark)
2. Falk Felix (Sweden National Team)
3. Turunen Niklas (Karate Team Finland)
3. Haagensen Christian (Norway National Team)

fKumite male -75
1. Pallesen Jonas (National Team Denmark)
2. Tuominen Aaro (Karate Team Finland)
3. Pähklamägi Marko (Estonian Karate Federation)
3. Artamonov Pavel (Estonian Karate Federation)

1Kata male cadets
1. Virtanen Saku (Karate Team Finland)
2. Caroni Vincent (Sweden National Team)
3. Troest Nikolaj (NationalTeam Denmark)
3. Garlet Peter (National Team Denmark)

1Kata female senior
1. Bjerring Frederikke (NationalTeam Denmark)
2. Wåglund Lina (Sweden National Team)
3. Karlsson Mia (Sweden National Team)
3. Dalgård Caroline (National Team Denmark)

2Kumite Female Cadet -54
1. Ossipova Marta (Estonian Karate Federation)
2. Kukk Katrin (Estonian Karate Federation)
3. Achehboune Aya (Sweden National Team)
3. Zarei Loren (Sweden National Team)

+76Kumite male junior +76
1. Klausen Theis (National Team Denmark)
2. Møller Patrick (National Team Denmark)
3. Jevstignejev Maksim (Estonian Karate Federation)
3. Lobanovas Mantas (Lithuania National Team)

-55Kumite male junior -55
1. Busk Lucas (National Team Denmark)
2. Barkelind Daniel (Sweden National Team)
3. Norberg Victor (Sweden National Team)
3. Hansen Nicky_Valdemar (National Team Denmark)

-50Kumite female senior -50
1. Alic Ariana (Norway National Team)
2. Guðmundsdóttir María Helga (Iceland National Team)
3. Lääveri Sabina (Sweden National Team)
3. Lirisman Li (Estonian Karate Federation)


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Photo Christer Hagman

Photo Flemmig Ege

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