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JKF President Sasagawa Visits MEXT Minister Shimomura and Submits Petition for Inclusion of Karate as Official 2020 Olympic Event

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On December 25, Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) President Takashi Sasagawa paid a visit to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and directly submitted a written petition to Minister Hakubun Shimomura with a fervent appeal that karate be included as an official event in the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo.

The petition was drawn up by World Karate Federation (WKF) President Antonio Espinós and JKF President Takashi Sasagawa. Talks between Minister Shimomura and President Sasagawa with the accompanying JKF officials went very amiably from beginning to end. Minister Shimomura eagerly asked for details about the current state of karate activities and responded with a robust pledge of full support if karate became an official Olympic event.

Minister Shimomura expressed a keen interest in President Sasagawa’s noting that athletes with disabilities have been able to compete in karate events at world tournaments from early on, and with the inclusion of karate as an official sport, the discipline could be featured in not only the Olympic games but in the Paralympics as well.

JKF & WKF presented petition to Mr. Abe, the prime minister of Japan December 22nd, 2014, Tokyo, Japan –
6 representatives of karatekas visited the prime minister Mr. Shinzo Abe in order to present petition for “KARATE INTO THE OLYMPICS” During the meeting, Mr. Sasagawa, the president of JKF and Mr. Nagura, the general secretary of WKF explained with an organization chart figuring relationships among IOC, WKF, JOC, TOCOG and JKF. Also they talked about attraction of karate as an Olympic event.
Finally this important meeting was successfully completed.
Mr. Sasagawa, Japan Karate Federation President
Mr. Nagura, World Karate Federation General Secretary
Mr. Suga, Parliamentary Association for Karate, President
Mr. Takeshita, Mr. Sato, and Mr. Sasagawa from Parliamentary Association for Karate


JKF y WKF presentan petición al Sr. Abe, el primer ministro de Japón
22 de diciembre 2014, Tokio, Japón – 6 representantes de karatekas visitó al primer ministro, Shinzo Abe, con el fin de presentar la petición para “KARATE EN LOS JUEGOS OLÍMPICOS”
Durante la reunión, el Sr. Sasagawa, presidente de JKF y el Sr. Nagura, secretario general de la WKF explicó con un organigrama calcular relaciones entre COI, WKF, JOC, TOCOG y JKF. También se habló de la atracción de Karate como un evento olímpico.
Finalmente se completó con éxito esta importante reunión.
Sr. Sasagawa, Japan Karate Federación presidente
Sr. Nagura, Mundial Karate Federación secretario general
Sr. Suga, Asociación Parlamentaria para el karate, presidente
Sr. Takeshita, el Sr. Sato, y el Sr. Sasagawa de la Asociación Parlamentaria para el karate

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