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New WKF executive committee

November 11, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

new-wkf-executive-committee-251-008The new Executive Committee had a meeting on 6th of November and the final composition of the Executive Committee was established with the corresponding assignments of each member, as follows:

Antonio Espinós, WKF President (Spain)

José García Maañón, WKF 1st Vice-president (Argentina)

Toshihisa Nagura, WKF General Secretary (Japan)

Michael Dinsdale, WKF General Treasurer (Great Britain)

Kuang-Huei Chang, WKF 2nd Vice-president (Chinese Taipei)

Béchir Cherif, WKF 3rd Vice-president (Tunisia)

Gunnar Nordahl, WKF 4th Vice-president (Norway)

Francis Didier, WKF Vice-president & Sports Commissioner (France)

Nasser Alrazooqi, WKF Vice-president (United Arab Emirates)

William Millerson, WKF Vice-president (Curaçao)

Michael Kassis, WKF Vice-president (Australia)

Mohamed Tahar Mesbahi, WKF Vice-president (Algeria)

Souleymane Gaye, WKF Assistant General Treasurer (Senegal)

José Antonio Méndez, WKF Assistant General Secretary (Puerto Rico)

Ibrahim Al Gannas, WKF EC Member (Saudi Arabia)

Stjepan Celan, WKF EC Member (Croatia)

John DiPasquale, WKF EC Member (USA)

Makarita Lenoa, WKF EC Member (Fiji)

Yrsa Lindqvist, WKF EC Member (Finland)

Dieudonné Okombi, WKF EC Member (Congo Brazaville)

Wolfgang Weigert, WKF EC Member (Germany)

Vincent Chen, WKF EC Member (Malaysia)

Luiz Carlos Cardozo, WKF EC Member (Brazil)

Esat Delihasan, WKF EC Member (Turkey)

Carmen Díaz, WKF EC Member (Venezuela)

Davide Benetello, WKF EC Member (Italy)

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