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The 2013 WCG medals presented

The presentation of the medals of the World Combat Games 2013 has taken place in St. Petersburg. There will be 135 sets of medals to compete for in total.

The medals are made using ultramodern technology, including three-dimensional imaging, offset printing, blackening – these are unique awards. They are manufactured from brass, with the addition of bronze, silver and antique gold. The diameter is 90mm, not including the attachment on which the band is secured at a thickness of 6mm. Only the Olympic Games in Vancouver (100 mm) and Turin (107 mm) can boast larger sized awards. “Solar-Sport” are the experts behind the design and manufacture.

“The awards are rather heavy and only the representatives of the martial arts themselves will be able to wear them around their neck” – noted the head of the Directorate of the World Combat Games 2013, Pavel Zhuravlev at the presentation.

According to a representative of the “Solo-Sports” company, Tatiana Demidova, the medals are fully related to the theme of single combats and martial arts: “These medals highlight the key areas of sport disciplines represented at the event”.

In turn, Pavel Zhuravlev added that the awards are difficult to obtain and retain a succinct significance: “If we carefully discern the awards, we can learn a lot about the World Combat Games. Views of the city, the pentagram of sports disciplines, as well as logos of international federations were combined on the awards – all the information that signifies the backbone of the event” – confirmed the Head of the Directorate of the World Combat Games.

Natalia Vorobiyova, the 2012 Olympic Champion in Wrestling, compared the medals of the World Combat Games with the Olympic Championship medal, which she won in London: “I am proud that the World Combat Games will be held in Russia. I would like to take the top of the podium receiving one of these medals. In terms of beauty and size, these medals are only comparable with the awards at the London Olympics”.

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