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Great success for the first summer camp Inoue-Ha 2013

Group photo of course participants.

The first summer camp of the Inoue-Ha organization was held in Tottori (Japan); it brought together 19 countries from all the continents, and some 200 participants. Competitors, instructors and karate participants of all ages gathered to train with Soke Yoshimi Inoue. The seminar lasted one week with workouts from three to five hours.

Inoue Soke demonstrates the importance of the correct shape of the blockages.

Honbu Dojo trainig. Individual unscheduled training was available for anyone who would like to train after the seminar.

Soke Inoue points out the importance of where to begin technical focus.

Soke Inoue and Antonio Diaz show parts of bunkai.

The trainings were conducted by Soke Inoue, which was assisted by Antonio Diaz, Rika Usami, Sakura Kokumai and Miyuki Osawa.

Rika especially directed training for competitors who attended the seminar.

The training was entertained with different competitions (jumps, techniques mf) between course participants.

It contained all basic kata Pinan, to unify the organization so that all of its members can work alike. Course work also consisted of kata Tomari Bassai kata, Chatanyara Kushanku, Unshu, och Nipaipo Suparimpei.

Some parts of the kata bunkai.

Photo´s from the Dinner party with flower delivery for medalist at the World Championships in Paris 2012.

Karaoke was popular overnight.

View of the restaurant for dinner, typical Japanese dinner.

Started of the menu, typical of the area with different dishes overnight.

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