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The Executive Committee of PKF 2013

Emerson Velásquez (PKF Vice-President), José García Maañón (PKF President), Antonio Espinós (WKF President), William Millerson (WKF 1st Vice-President), Arturo Castillo (PKF General Secretary), José Ramírez (PKF Vice-President).

27th PKF Senior Championships

The 27th PKF Senior Championships took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between the 15th and the 17th May. The WKF President Antonio Espinós was present in this very important event.

Mr. William Millerson has retired after a successful 20 year presidency as president of the Pan-American Karate Federation, and was appointed as PKF Honorary President for life. The new PKF President is José García Maañon from Argentina.

Mr. Antonio Espinós, WKF president also attended and addressed the PKF Congress. He asked the PKF Delegates to promote the 2020 Olympic candidature of Karate by approaching their IOC Members and NOCs of the Americas. 22 countries participated in the Championships.

For the first time the Executive Committee was elected by acclamation, there were exactly 9 candidates, the same as positions to be elected. During the first extraordinary congress the PKF statutes were adapted completely in accordance with WKF statutes.

After that, the 2nd ordinary congress started in which all the reports were presented and approved, and the new Executive Committee of PKF was elected. In the first meeting of the new Executive Committee Mr. Millerson was appointed as PKF honorary president for life, and all the PKF Commissions were established.

The Executive Committee of PKF is as follows:

President: José García Maañón(ARG)
Secretary General: Arturo Castillo (VEN)
Treasurer: Tony Méndez (PUR)
1st Vice President: John DiPasquale (USA)
Vice President: José Ramírez (DOM)
Vice President: Julio Escudero (ECU)
Vice President: Emerson Velásquez (NIC)
Ass. to the Treasurer: Juan Manuel Fernández (PAR)
Ass. to the Gen. Secretary: Sergio Menéndez (URU)

The New chairs of the commissions are as follows:

Referee commission chair: Javier Mantilla (VEN)
Technical Commission Chair: Tokey Hill (USA)
Medical Commission Chair: Mirko Abarca (CHI)

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