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Results Dutch karate open 2013

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Results of the Nordic Countries
gitte Gitte Brunstad – Norway
Great Achievement of Gitte Brunstad from Mizuchi karate club, won silver in -68 at the Dutch Open and became the first Norwegian athlete who has been in a final of the Premier League competition. She won the first match against Austria 3-1. The second inga Russia she won the judges decision. In the quarterfinals she met France and won 8-1. semi-final against the Netherlands, she won 3-0, but the final against Hella she loss 5-0.

bettina Bettina Astad Sæther – Norway
Bettina Astad Sæther she won the bronze in -55 over Meltem Germany 3-0.

kalvis Kalvis Kalnins – Latvia
Kalvis Kalnins won bronze in -60. The way to third place started with Jullen FRA 3-0, Yannik SUI 5-1, Ghilas FRA 3-1, Casper DEN 1-0, loses in the semifinal against Angelo ITA 6-1 and wins the bronze against Mehdi MAR 8-6.

hana1 Hana Antunovic – Sweden
Hana Antunovic was 5th in the +68. In the first 3-0 against Caroline Germany in the second against Holly Wales and won with 4-0. The third match was against Nathlie Austria and won 1-0, and the fourth Hana meet Alsayed Egypt which she lost. in the fight for third place was against Ciska NED which she lost.

And two seventh place. Kuusisto Helena FIN in +68 and Iselin Pedersen NOR in -68.

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