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Meeting of the Board of Karate Sector Italy

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italy kopieraThe meeting was held Friday, February 8, 2013, at the Olympic Center Federal Lido di Ostia, the 43rd meeting of the Sector Karate. The first meeting of the new Olympic Quadriennium focused on the analysis and study of the lines guide the activities of the Federation, already anticipated in the report approved by the National Assembly last December 8.
In its communications, the President Matthew Pellicone, after expressing satisfaction at the completion of expansion and modernization of the Olympic Center, with the creation of the Service Center and the Museum of combat sports, stressed the importance of the initiative taken by the World Karate Federation, which, with an organic project of communication called “The K is on the Way,” is putting in maximum efforts to allow the insertion of Karate in the Olympic disciplines, our goal has always been pursued by the Federation. In this regard, the Council expressed the hope that the campaign logo to be included in the promotional material of all events organized by the Sports Associations. Another point on which the President is focused on the development and strengthening of the National School, destined to become more and more a center of excellence for education and culture with a focus on scientific research aimed at improving the performance of athletes.
Subsequently, the Council, on a proposal of the Federal President, unanimously appointed Vice President Sergio Donati Sector Karate and then carry out the necessary items on the agenda. Much space has been devoted to the prospects of development of the discipline with a strong call to retain talent and improve the organizational aspects of the competition, already strengths of the Italian Karate on which to continue to invest in terms of effort and resources. It ‘was then carefully examined the new text of the International Arbitration, launched by the WKF, which provides for the inclusion of several changes that will be described in detail, with special notice to all interested members. Emphasized, finally, the new setting of the role of Technical Director, who must be responsible for coordination between the Federal Coaches, Teachers and Technicians Social group of professionals and staff that contribute to the optimal preparation of athletes, coaches leaving the responsibility of the Federal purely technical management.
Even in Karate, as announced in the recent Sector Councils Fighting, is expected to call for a meeting of the Technical Staff of settlement, in which to set up clear rules and objectives to better face and a full unity of purpose new and challenging four years.

Below is a list of appointments made during the meeting:

National Commission Officials

Roberto Tanini
Francesco Rizzuto
Joseph Zaccaro

National Commission for Technical Teachers

Salvatore Tape
Maurizio Amato
Ruggero Bosco

National Commission on Promotion and School

Roberto D’Alessandro
Emilio Photinus
Dear Donato

National Technical Direction

Technical Director
Pierluigi Aschieri

Claudio Guazzaroni (Kumite – Men)
Gennaro Talarico (Kumite – Female)
Luke Waldensians (Kata – Shotokan-Ryu)
Roberta Sodero (Kata – Shito-Ryu)

Vincenzo Figuccio

National Commission on Youth Activities

Francis Pen
David Benetello (Kumite – Men)
Daniele Simmi (Kumite-Female)
Costa Tiziana (Kata – Shito-Ryu)
Lucio Maurino (Kata – Shotokan-Ryu)

Technical staff
Giuseppe Di Domenico
Selene Guglielmi
Salvatore Loria
Ciro Mass
Roberta Minet.

Responsible military teams
Andrea Torre (Kumite)
Daniela Berrettoni (Kata)

Responsible for university teams
Claudio Culasso (Kumite)
Cinzia Colaiacomo (Kata)

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